Blue Ridge Sports Club

So you enjoyed a reputation of being the college fitness junkie. Adored curling up with a book at leisure. Loved a relaxing back stroke length under the moon. A game of billiards always brought out your competitive streak. Wonder where those times have vanished? All the years and toil you’ve invested into establishing a flourishing career. Reached a status not only coveted, but enviable among contemporaries. Of not just power and recognition, but also the high life. Of class. Of a travelled discoverer. Blue Ridge Sports Club presents to you a gift you will love. For you and your family. For years. An all new sporting lifestyle. Recreation redefined. Leisure unmatched. Our motto — to spoil you to the hilt. Pray where? Why, Blue Ridge of course! A world class integrated township meant for the discerning world citizen. At the helm of next-gen progressive living. Green. State-of-the-art. Peaceful. In the midst of the national IT hub — Hinjawadi, Pune. Where everything and everyone aspires for the best in professional satisfaction, services, and amusement.

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